The Humanities Institute welcomes the opportunity to build community by supporting research efforts across the university.

We support centers, academic units, initiatives, conferences, lectures, and other work related to the humanities. Support can take four forms: in-name only, financial support, staff support, use of facilities. All four forms of support will include HI publicity on our website, newsletter, and/or social media.

To request co-sponsorship and support from the HI, please fill out the Google form below. We will respond to your request within five business days, and we are happy to discuss co-sponsorship with you. 

For projects and events we co-sponsor, please note:

  • The primary organizer of the event should be responsible for the event.

  • HI is not responsible for on the ground support of the event unless otherwise agreed to by HI.

  • HI is not the primary publicist of the event. We will cross-promote the event or project on our social media platforms and (with lead time) in our newsletter and/or website. 

  • Please only tag the HI on ASU Events if your program or event is being staffed and/or funded by the HI.

  • Publicity for the event should include the Humanities Institute by name and/or by logo.

  • During any acknowledgements at the event, the Humanities Institute should be included.

  • If this co-sponsorship involves a commitment of Humanities Institute funds, we will transfer funds after receiving the event publicity announcement.

We look forward to working with you to inspire engagement, support research and foster community.

Co-Sponsorship Form