"Desert Feelz" (2023) is an illustrated field guide that is “designed to help orient you to the desert, like yoga poses for being with the land.” A collection of short essays and accompanying drawings organized by verb pair prompts designed by the editors (Ron Broglio and Marina Zurkow) such as PERISH/FLOURISH, RUN/STOP, HIDE/EXPOSE. Contributors include artists, geographers, scientists, poets and fiction writers, philosophers, and historians. Meet the artist, Marina Zurkow, and co-editor, Ron Broglio, along with others who contributed to this handcrafted book. 
Marina Zurkow is a media and participatory practice artist who connects people to nature–culture tensions and environmental messes, offering humor and new ways of knowing, connecting, and feeling. Her collaborative initiatives include Climoji, Dear Climate, and Investing in Futures.

Desert Humanities has launched a crafted, limited edition book series called "Strata" with the first issued book the iconic "Saguaro."

"Saguaro" (2022) includes internationally known artists Mark Klett and Andy Brown, the scientists who sequenced the DNA of the Saguaro—Martin Wojciechowski and Alberto Burquez, Arizona Poet Laureate Alberto Rios, cultural scholar of the Akimel O’odham nation David Martinez, among other beautiful contributors.

Strata Minis
Accompanying the Strata book series is an ongoing series of small pamphlets about desert animals. The series commissions a wide range of artists and scientists in the production of mini-zines aimed to educate a broad public about the animals and the environment in the desert southwest. Currently available: Bees, Gamble’s Quail, and Chuckwalla (2022).

"Sonoran Water" book cover

"Sonoran Water" (2021) is an art book by David Blakeman and Jason Bruner. The project uses text and photographs to explore life in the modern Salt River Valley through the waterways that have been made to sustain it. 

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