The Institute for Humanities Research Fellows Program

Value: Up to $9,500 (includes one course buyout between $6,300 - $7,500), and $2,000 in research funds.

Opening Date: August 12, 2022

Due Date: 

March 20, 2023

Grant Description:

The Institute for Humanities Research (IHR) Fellows program advances the scholarly writing and research of humanities faculty. The program includes course buyout, research funding, peer writing groups, and development of a cross-humanities faculty community. Additionally, the program assists faculty in grant writing and writing for a broad public.

Successful proposals for the Fellows program describe a well-developed scholarly writing project rooted in the humanities that has clear and feasible outcomes for the fellowship year and that has the potential to be funded by outside agencies.

The fellowship will run through the 2022-23 academic year. The Fellowship provides funds for one course buyout and an additional $2,000 for research.

Submission and application instructions can be found in the downloadable PDF, and through the InfoReady application link.

Apply for Grant (InfoReady website)

Download Grant details (PDF document)