Ecologies of Justice

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“Ecologies of Justice" addresses the problems of disposability and waste as traced in circuits of production and consumption that impact interlocking values of health, social, and environmental relationships. The project will convene an interdisciplinary group of experts—scholars and artists—for a two-day series of public-facing workshops to develop a humanities-oriented approach to environmental knowledge that includes visual, infrastructural, ecological, and sociological methods of analysis, resulting in an open-access, multimedia means of disseminating the proceedings alongside a special journal issue.

Principal Investigator(s)

Lisa Han

Lisa Han | Assistant Professor of English

Mako Fitz Ward

Mako Fitts Ward | Assistant Professor, SST African & African American Studies

Celina Osuna

Celina Osuna | Postdoctoral Scholar, Social Transformation Lab for their project (co-PI)